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Size matching is an important consideration in heart transplantation. It is important to avoid implanting an under-sized heart. Size matching has historically been performed using donor and recipient weight.

Equations derived from cardiac MRI studies allow prediction of an individual’s heart mass using gender, age, height and weight. Potential donor-recipient pairs may be accurately size-matched using these equations. This allows identification of donor-recipient pairs who may be at higher risk of primary graft dysfunction or post-operative mortality.

This app allows heart transplant surgeons and physicians to quickly and easily calculate the mis-match percentage in a potential donor-recipient pair and inform decisions about whether a particular donor organ is adequately sized for a particular recipient.


Predicted total heart mass is the sum of predicted LV and RV mass, using equations derived from cardiac MRI assessment of subjects enrolled in Multi-Ethnic Study of Atherosclerosis (MESA). This study recruited white, African-American, Hispanic and Chinese individuals between 45-84 years old and free of clinically apparent cardiovascular disease. The number of individuals who contributed to the study were 4968 (LV mass) and 4123 (RV mass).

Predicted LV mass (g) =
a x height0.54(m) x weight0.61(kg)
a = 6.82 for women and 8.25 for men

Predicted RV mass (g) =
a x age-0.32(years) x height1.125(m) x weight0.315(kg)
a = 10.59 for women and 11.25 for men

Kawut SM et al. Circulation 2011;123:2542-2551.
Bluemke DA et al. J Am Coll Cardiol 2008;52:2148-2155.

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